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Neck and Body Solution - TM


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Neck and Body Solution

Jouvale neck and body Led therapy device has 3 different modes

to provide neck and body treatments

Normal Mode: This function is used to massage the skin the vibration relives the muscles to improve and tighten the skin

the massage function reduces cellulitis and spider veins  which provides flawless results on your skin 

Cool Mode: uses blue light therapy and compress cooling at 62*F  to help minimize the appearance of blemishes and tightening of the skin.

Heat Mode: uses red and Infra Red lights to increase local blood flow to reduce cellulite relaxation of muscles and tightening of the skin 

Jouvale body device reaches 104* F to elevate the tissue and relief minor muscles

the heat temperature causes the body to produce collagen to the maximum

demote redness and reduce stretch marks