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Clinical Studies & Research

Clinical Studies & Research

Jouvalle - Where Science meets Beauty

Jouvalle’s anti-aging and rejuvenation systems were developed using red and infrared light technology. To verify the effectiveness of Jouvalle’s devices, numerous clinical studies were conducted by independent research teams. In a two-month clinical study at Princeton, researchers recorded significant results.

Within a period of one week, visible improvement was reported by 91% of subjects. (Improvement was defined by the research team as reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, enhancement of clarity, smoothness, and radiance.) By the end of 7 weeks, every participant reported notable visible improvement, with a 32% improvement measured in the overall appearance of their skin concerning all major indicators of aging.

Anti-Aging by the Power of LED and the Science Behind It

In research conducted by NASA, it was discovered that LED lights can assist in the healing of human wounds, burns, and diabetic skin ulcers. Click here to read the full article on NASA’s website.

Light-emitting diode (LED) therapy employs a mix of red and infrared light to enhance skin health and stimulate cellular growth. Unlike laser light therapy, LED lights emit more light over time, even while consuming less energy.

Once, red LED facial treatments were only available at doctor’s offices and luxury spas. Now, Jouvalle is excited to offer red light skin rejuvenation therapy directly to the consumer.

LED Technology helps aid anti-aging by:

  • Increasing collagen production in the dermis
  • Providing cellular energy to stimulate skin regeneration
  • Seamlessly reducing signs of aging in the topmost layer of the skin (epidermis)

LED Light Therapy and How It Aids In Anti-Aging

While humans can't perform photosynthesis like plants and some organisms, light rays, especially long wavelengths, offer numerous benefits to our body. LEDs emitting red and infrared wavelengths have the unique ability to penetrate the skin deeper than blue light, with infrared light delving into the skin's innermost layer, the hypodermis. This process is non-invasive, and instead of damaging surrounding tissues, it taps into hemoglobin, prompting the body to turn light energy into cellular energy without adverse effects. The heat generated through this light boosts cellular activity in the dermis, countering the natural age-induced decrease in cellular vitality.

Red light therapy also has the added advantage of stimulating collagen production, which helps diminish wrinkles by fostering natural skin cell proliferation. It also helps reduce melanin levels, making age spots less visible. When combined with surface heat, such as from Elevare’s devices, it boosts circulation, supplying the skin with beneficial proteins and oxygen. This synergy helps alleviate inflammation, leaving the skin rejuvenated and vibrant. As such, the skincare industry is increasingly recognizing LED and red light therapy as top-tier skin repair and rejuvenation methods.

While infrared light shares the high-frequency wavelength characteristic of the sun's potent ultraviolet (UV) light, making it imperceptible to our eyes, rest assured it's actively revitalizing your skin during device usage.