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Face Lift Collection - Redness & Open Pore Solution - Acai Stem Cells & Hyaluronic Acid


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Discover an immersive skincare experience with Jouvalle's groundbreaking Face Lift Collection—a symphony of three harmoniously synchronized treatments dedicated to sculpting, refining, and illuminating your skin. The core essence of this collection is the heat-activation technology, a marvel designed to elevate the efficacy of every component within. Venture into a transformative journey, where every step is meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled 'lifted' aesthetic to your skin.

  • Purifying Cold Heat Mask: A deep cleansing marvel that draws out impurities and combats clogged pores, breathing new life into tired, dull skin.
  • Activating Cold Heat Serum: An intensifying elixir designed to amplify the mask's potency, bringing forward a luminescence that exudes health and vitality.
  • Completing Cold Heat Cream: The grand finale of the trilogy, a protective barrier that seals in the richness of the preceding steps while shielding the skin from daily environmental adversaries.


  1. Deep Detoxification: The mask's properties dive deep to detoxify, ensuring pores are free from impurities.
  2. Enhanced Radiance: The serum works synergistically with the mask, intensifying brightness and glow.
  3. Long-Lasting Moisture: Hyaluronic Acid in the formula ensures optimal hydration, keeping the skin supple and youthful.
  4. Environmental Defense: The completing cream serves as a protective barrier against pollutants and other external aggressors.
  5. Redness Reduction: The blend of ingredients works in harmony to calm the skin, reducing redness and uneven tones.
  6. Pore Refinement: The collection, as a whole, targets and minimizes the appearance of open pores, bestowing a smooth, refined texture.


  1. Preparation: Start with freshly cleansed skin. Dampen your face generously with water, preparing it for the mask application.
  2. Mask Application: Take an ample amount of the Purifying Cold Heat Mask and spread it evenly over your wet skin, using gentle circular motions. Be cautious to avoid the sensitive eye area.
  3. Heat Activation with Serum: As you experience the warming sensation of the mask, enhance this effect by applying the Activating Cold Heat Serum directly over it. Blend and massage both products together, letting the heat drive the ingredients deeper.
  4. Rest & Absorb: Allow the potent blend to work its wonders for 10-20 minutes, as you take this time to relax and relish the sensations.
  5. Removal: Using cotton pads or gentle facial wipes, carefully remove the mask and serum from your face.
  6. Completion: Conclude the regimen by applying the Completing Cold Heat Cream in an even layer, sealing in the benefits of the previous steps.
  7. Usage Guide: Immerse in this treatment once a week during the initial month. As your skin begins to transform, transition to a monthly application for maintenance.

Elevate your skincare routine to an art with the Face Lift Collection from Jouvalle. Embrace the future of beauty, where every reflection is a testament to perfection.